Q.1)  After my driveway has been paved, when can I drive over it?

A) Once the area has been paved, we have to allow the grout and cemented areas to dry properly before driving over it, 2-3 days should be sufficient curing time.

Q.2)  Should i go with a company that’s very cheap or with an approved paving contractor?

A) Many clients face this questions, the problem with going cheap is that you will probably receive poor workmanship and bad aftersales service, maybe no aftersales service at all. You get out what you put in.

Q.3)  How long does it take for concrete to cure?

A) After we have placed the concrete, it takes between 3-7 days to cure. Newly poured concrete is porous, for this fact we have to allow the concrete to absorb as much water as possible. Once it cures, it will become non porous and no water will be allowed to strengthen it.

Q.4)  Will weeds grow under my paving?

A)  Weeds will not grow under the paving, we mix cement to sand ratio as per the manufacture’s specifications and this will not allow any weeds to grow through.

Q.5)  Do I have to clean my paving?

A) Yes, general maintenance is required. If you do not wash your motor vehicle, the grime will harden and it will become difficult to remove. With Paving, it should be hosed regularly to remove all sand and weed seeds that have been allowed to settle in the grouted areas. For more info, refer to our maintenance page

Q.6)  Should I seal my paving?

A) Depending on the type of paver you have had installed, if that paver has an oxide in it like a cement bond paver or a cobble, after time the UV rays will start to lighten the colour, sealing will help to keep the colour in its original state. I would also strongly suggest having driveways sealed that have been laid with the above pavers.

Q.7)  Will my paving sag over time?

A)  No, if the job is done correctly with all the required materials, it will not sag. At reddy2pave, we guarantee that there will be no sagging in your paving. Please refer to our T&C’s.

Q.8)  What is the best paving brick to use?

A) In my opinion, the best paving brick one could use would be the clay paving brick. They will never fade, crack with heat or deteriorate over time. They are more expensive, but last a lifetime.

Q.9)  I have a low budget and would like to have my area paved, what pavers do you recommend?

A) Depending on how low your actual budget is, I would say the most economical way to go would be with cement bond pavers. Speak to use about 2nd grade pavers as well. T&C’s apply.

Q.10)  Can we have plastic waterproof sheeting under our paving before it is laid to keep out the weeds?

A) The answer is NO, plastic water proof sheeting is a myth about keeping weeds out. Water once it has fallen on the paving will have nowhere to drain. It will collect under the pavers and will cause discolouration due to lichen growth, algae and moss within 2-3 years. If anyone agrees to pave with this method, they are not a professional paving company and you should definitely not use their services.


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