Just like cleaning your home or washing your vehicle, your paving area should also be maintained.
Follow the 5 easy steps and keep your pavers looking like new.

1. Sweep your paving:
By sweeping your pavers on regular basis, it prevents the build-up of sand and seeds which have been blown around by the wind. When you have sand, seeds and moisture this allows the growth of weeds.

2. Wash your paving
Washing your paving is always a good way to keep your paving looking like new. If you have a well point or borehole it will be best to use this water instead of water from the city. Rinse off using a jet of water between the joints of the pavers. The pressure will push out the growth of algae and moss. If it has got to a stage where you cannot have it removed, call Reddy2pave and have the professionals revitalise your paving.

3. Getting rid of stains and Grim
Fatty stains, oil stains and tyre marks can be washed out from your paving. There are many products on the market. Mix the products with accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions and use a hard broom to brush the dirt/stains away. Please make sure you wear the correct personal protective equipment when doing this. Rinse off the grim and dirt using a hose and a nozzle. If you have having difficulty, contact the professionals for assistance.

4. Applying a Sealer
By applying a sealer, you will be preventing the build-up of moss, algae and lichens on your paving providing it done correctly which is stipulated by the manufacturers’ specification

5. Call a professional
Have you noticed your paving sagging which has changed the layout of your paving area? Call your paving professional for assistance before it becomes worst. There might be underlying problems which you may not be aware off.


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